Top Bridal Wear Brands

Choosing the right wedding dress is a very important part of having the right bridal experience. Regardless of the personal style, we always prefer choosing outfits from famous brands. This inspired the following brands to have their own bridal collections:  


With a team of skilled designers, Givenchy is surely one of the most popular brands that makes wedding dresses for brides. Under the guidance of Riccardo Tisci, the brand delivered intricately designed gowns for many celebrities. The Italian designer has also worked with Burberry and Versace.  

He helped the brand in designing and delivering fine gowns for many years before his retirement. All his creations are mainly inspired by the classic Paris Couture style and the brand has created special bridal dresses for many. Beyonce to Kim K and even Meghan Markle wore a classic Givenchy bridal gown for their special day.  


Over the years, the House of Balenciaga has been a popular pick among the wealthy brides. Their majestic wedding dress collections are usually connected to each other in some ways. Furthermore, Balenciaga took their fashion show to the next level by making a wedding dress their showstopper among other evening/ cocktail dresses.  

Balenciaga bridal wear was, and still is, known for its aesthetic appeal and austere styling. Their formal yet feminine features make them stand out as a better alternative for the modern-day brides. Furthermore, all the bridal gowns have a slight 50s fashion touch to them, which means they have a fit bodice with flared skirt.  


Perfect example of urbanity, sophistication, and finesse, the House of Dior brings the best of French fashion to the brides. Wedding dresses have been a major part of their apparel range from the start. And the experience and journey is reflected through every hand-crafted piece.  

Their stunning and detailed bridal dresses were praised by various other fashion houses. Initially, the dresses sported classic tulle drape, sheath style, and long lace-trimmed trains. These features defined the true looks of a Dior wedding dress. With top designers like Grace Kelly on their team, Christian Dior’s house is the perfect place to find a grand and eye-catching wedding dress.  

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