Most Expensive Event Dresses

From prestigious Met Gala to the grand Oscars, Hollywood celebs always try to stay one step ahead when it comes to following the event theme. They spend exorbitantly to get themselves the finest outfits from the leading designers. Are you wondering which were the most expensive dresses worn by celebs in the history of fashion? Then here are the top 5 extravagant outfits:  

1. Marilyn Monroe  

When you think about Marilyn Monroe, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? That’s right! Her famous pleated flowy dress and sensual pose trying to keep it in place. The dress is called the Subway Dress, which was from her movie The Seven Year Itch. In 2011, this original dress was auctioned to an unknown bidder for $4.6 million dollars! It is surely one of the most expensively priced outfits.  

2. Jennifer Lawrence  

The Winner of Best Actress Oscars Award ceremony2013, Jennifer Lawrence chose to feature a stunning blush pink floor-length gown. This strapless dropped-waist dress complimented her features perfectly. Looking like a true modern-day princess, this Dior Couture dress cost her $4 million!  

3. Princess Diana  

Princess Diana left the world awe-struck when she showed up at White House Dinner in 1985, wearing a beautiful black Victor Edelstein velvet gown. During the event, she was asked by John Travolta for a dance, which earned this dress the name-  the ‘Travolta Dress’. In 1997, a buyer purchased this dress at $140,000 during an auction. For resale in 2011, the price of this gown was placed at $340,000 by its new buyer.  

4. Audrey Hepburn  

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is surely a classic movie for many. In the movie, Audrey Hepburn wore a classic black fitted gown, which is the most expensive dress on our list. Made by the famous fashion brand- Givenchy, the outfit was auctioned at $807,000! It is said that this price was 6 times more than its estimated pre-sale cost.  

5. Lupita Nyong’o  

Lupita Nyong’o got the spotlight at the 2015 Academy Awards, when she walked down the carpet wearing a catchy white gown. Embellished with around 6000 pearls, this gown was from Calvin Klein and is said to be priced at $140,000! The dress further gained popularity as it was reported missing from the actress’s room after the event.  

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