About Me

About Me

Welcome to Manjus

Manjus was born with the art of creating. She was born in courageous India. As a child, she admired all kinds of designs and thus sparked her interest in the craft of sewing that she learned from her mother and grandmother. At first she limited herself to designing clothes for her dolls, but soon her hobby became a vocation. She attended fashion courses and thus broadened her knowledge.
She learned her rich mixture of individuality and sensitivity through practical experience from a wide variety of cultures. Their experience and commitment were key to their success. Her attention to detail can already be seen in her fashion shows, where she prepares the models for the catwalk. This passion was not hidden from her husband, who had always admired her collections.

Welcome to Manjus

The Manjus label represents the extraordinary combination of German quality work, paired with high artistic ambitions and Italian lightness.
Manjus does not want to create beauty, rather she strives to underline and emphasize the existing beauty and uniqueness. After all, every woman is beautiful in her eyes. She says: “We women all over the world are more united in this way, every single woman, no matter where she lives, what religion she belongs to, exudes beauty, which should only be emphasized by a multitude of wonderful fabrics.” That is why Manjus strives in that every woman feels comfortable in her clothes. With her designs she combines all cultural differences, albeit western or Asian, in order to contribute to a well-being that pays tribute to the highest quality.

Love Yourself
& Your Body

Beauty comes from within, and a beautiful dress becomes the perfect accessory. We design for you that perfect accessory that makes you feel glamorous!

Manjus Collection


My mission at Manjus is to create all kinds of designs with elegance, poise, and grace. We provide comfort in fashion to leave an ever-lasting impression on our customers


To be a pioneer in the apparel industry with constant innovation in designs and fabrics, our products will define quality and style


Manjus encourages creativity and the promotion of individualism through affordable fashion trends. We believe in practicing internationally agreed business ethics and standards. Resulting in the reputation and success we deserve.

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